Entrepreneurial stamina

Blair Singer introduces neophytes to his SalesDogs cult with a combination of jacked-up motivational speaking and a simplified deconstruction of business challenges.His approach to sales training applies beyond sales: it’s a crash course in entrepreneurial stamina: the relentless tenacity and fatigue-proof high of setting and achieving goals, large and small, near and far.In this video, Blair introduces several Red Pill themes:

  • Teach (coach) the Team: continuously invest in the value-drivers of the business
  • Business Operations Systems: you don’t always succeed because of them, but you always fail without them
  • Accountability to Objective Measures: “you can’t improve what you don’t measure” _Deming

Most valuable – and elusive – is the Code of Honor that binds it all together in service of a greater mission: the sustainability of purpose that separates professionalism from prostitution.

The umpeenth cold call, the bloody knuckles on the door, the late night spreadsheets and early morning phonecalls are all evidence of stamina. The Code of Honor is the source of stamina.

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